Stuff His Stocking

There are many men out there who seem perplexed about the recent trend towards male sex toys. And women ask me on a regular basis how they can get their men more into the sex toy action. The holidays truly are the perfect time to take the leap and stuff his stocking like he won’t forget;)

About 50%of heterosexual households own a sex toy. I have seen a rise in interest and use within my practice – especially among straight men. It has become an important part of expanding sexual repertoires in a healthy way, can improve communication when used by couples and can address some male sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction and orgasm problems.

Male sex toys in particular are useful in helping a man take ownership over his sexuality so that toys aren’t all about female pleasure. Many men report that masturbation improves greatly over just using their hand. In fact, prostate toys can actually improve prostate health and penis rings can help with mild forms of erectile dysfunction.

One of the main misconceptions about male sex toys is that they are only for gay men. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. More and more hetero guys are getting in on the pleasure and usefulness of male sex toys.

I suggest perusing the selection at  when you have a free moment – probably not on your computer at work, mind you. You can begin with a toy that includes the both of you, like a  and then move onto male  (to show him you really care, even when you aren’t around) and then move onto the ultimate in male orgasm, .

I think that it’s not only a fun thing to buy your male partner a sex toy this holiday season, but an important part of prioritizing your sex life together. And don’t forget that you can use my own personal freebee code – DRKAT — when you purchase. You can get 50% almost any first item, plus free shipping and a free mystery gift when you enter the code DRKAT at the check out. Happy shopping!