With over twenty years of experience as a marriage and sex therapist, an author, and over a decade of work behind the camera and mic, I strive to offer a fresh voice when it comes to the average person getting entertaining and up-to date sex information. I love people and their stories. Good thing since I’m a therapist. I am a people collector. There’s nothing I get more jazzed abut that talking about sex and relationships in a creative and down to earth way. I have been deemed many times over as the “sofa sexologist”. Like hanging out on the couch with your best girlfriend chatting about life, love and sex over a glass of wine. An irreverent combo of Chelsea Handler and Dr. Phil — I swear I did not come up with that comparison. Lol.

In light of that…

I am available for the following…

  • Interviews: television, radio, print and online
  • Reality show expert and hosting
  • Talk show guest expert appearances
  • Product and book endorsement
  • Spokesperson opportunities
  • Media consulting
  • Product and content consulting
  • Television and online video content development
  • Event appearances
  • Speaking engagements
  • Guest blogging

Professional Highlights

  • Current expert and co-host of the highly successful 100% Male infomercial (check your local listings) with Ideal Living
  • Over 1 million subscribers to her iTunes audio podcast, “Sex Chat with Dr. Kat
  • Over 1 million subscribers to her video podcasts
  • Since 2011 she has hosted the TV Show “Adam & Eve at Home”
  • Host of two feature length educational films; and the
  • Filmed five highly successful, nationally run cable network infomercials
  • Spokesperson for three world-wide companies — , TwinLab and Lavilin
  • Has launched her own line of sex products
  • Quoted in a multitude of of publications with circulation in the millions (see below)
  • Author of the "Married Sex Solution: A Realistic Guide to Saving Your Sex Life"

If you are interested in contacting Dr. Kat for publicity related reasons, please contact the following:

For interviews, quotes, appearances, or product endorsements, please contact Dr. Kat’s PR person.

For all television appearances and projects contact, Kerri Ruddell at AKA Talent Agency at 323.965.5600

To advertise on one of her podcasts, contact Fast Forward Media at 510.521.5100



















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