How Long You’ve Been Dating and How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Trying to figure how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner? How “invested” with your partner usually has to do with how long you’ve been together. Here are  few ideas for how to assess the best Valentine option.

Few weeks:
Avoid going over the top. Even if things seem like they are going swimmingly at first, less is more. You want to be able to convey your interest but keep it appropriate. Focus on something small and meaningful like a framed photo of yourselves, shells from your first beach visit etc.

A month:
Things are obviously going well but be sure that you don’t overwhelm your partner with too big of a gesture. An activity like ice skating, spa treatments or dancing will show that you want to invest time with them and that its not just about money.

A few months:
This may be about the time you are considering dropping the ‘L word’. Choose a good locale to make it memorable (a river walk or top of a high rise). Keep things private so as not to create too many expectations among friends and family. To establish keeping things fresh decide to shop for a new erotic toy together online.

Relationships can go stale if you aren’t prioritizing it. For all the conjecture, Valentine’s should be the time to remind you to celebrate what you have. Mixing it up beyond simply doing a dinner and a movie, can help things fresh. But staying home isn’t out of the question if you do it right. Deliver in and have a naked carpet picnic that leads to a petal filled bathtub where you bathe one another. Or switching things up via 50 Shades of Gray play can be subtle but scintillating.